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Symposium for Nanomeasurement Research

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Where: Universidad de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
When: April 15th and 14th

Call for Abstracts

Keysight Technologies is accepting abstracts for oral papers and posters to be presented at a two-day international symposium being held this April at the University of Barcelona!

Nano Measure 2015 offers a fantastic opportunity to share your nanomeasurement-driven research with scientists in many fields. All users of atomic force microscopes, nanomechanical test instrumentation, and complementary nanomeasurement techniques and technologies are encouraged to submit abstracts for oral papers and posters by March 9th 2015 at Further event details are also online.

The symposium’s plenary speaker is Nigel Jennett, Ph.D., Coventry University, previously the leader of the Surfaces, Coatings and Nano-Mechanics Theme at the United Kingdom’s National Physical Laboratory.

Guest speakers include Dr. A. Concustell (University of Barcelona), Dr. Paolo Facci (CNR-IBF, Genova, Italy), and Prof. Dr. Peter Hinterdorfer (Institute of Biophysics, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria).

The Nano Measure 2015 program comprises the following sessions:

(1) “Electrical Measurements & Electrochemistry: Study the Surface, Investigate the Interface”

AFM-enabled electrical/electrochemical property measurements (e.g., surface potential), capacitance and dopant profiling, and characterization of fuel cell membranes, battery membranes, solar cells, thin films, polymers, organic photovoltaics, redox active enzymes, graphene, novel materials, surface modification (e.g., redox etching, metal or polymer deposition, patterning of SAMs), surface corrosion, etc.

(2) “Nanomechanical Characterization: The Large-Scale Impact of Small-Scale Properties”

Measurements of nanomechanical properties related to both hard and soft materials (e.g., hard inorganic materials like ceramics, metals, coatings, DLC films; soft organic materials such as hydrogels, polymers) via high-precision instrumented indentation methods or quantitative AFM techniques (e.g., harmonics, force spectroscopy), as well as dynamic tensile testing of natural and synthetic fibers

(3) “Bioscience & Biotechnology: It’s the Little Things in Life that Truly Matter”

AFM-facilitated research spanning “classic” cell biology (e.g., using AFM topography in concert with fluorescence microscopy), biophysics (e.g., using AFM-based single-molecule force spectroscopy), engineered biomaterials (e.g., evaluation of biocompatibility), and biomedical engineering (e.g., development of tissue scaffolds, pharmaceuticals)

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Oral paper presenters will be selected solely on the merit of their respective abstracts as determined by an independent scientific committee.

Be sure to submit your abstract online at by March 9th 2015!

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