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Our strategic position in the customer and provider ecosystem, combined with the experience we have acquired in different sectors means we have unique know-how in the technology market. Our capacities and use cases allow us to understand our customers’ strategies and needs to tailor the best possible solution.


We offer a wide range of products manufactured by our technology partners, and provide added value by supporting our customers during the sales and after-sales process: marketing, technical assistance, demos, supply, logistics, training, start-up and after-sales service.


We have established a set of advanced services based on multiple innovative solutions. Our Spanish and international customers tap into the know-how and experience our professionals have acquired during innovative projects spanning several industries and applications. 
We provide auscultation or diagnostic services for critical assets, from equipment maintenance in our own laboratory to 24/7 services (on-site or remote) in the communications environment. 

We have one of the best support structures for active projects in predictive and sensor-based monitoring, helping to ensure our customers are competitive.


We supply tailor-made systems and subsystems, as well as turnkey solutions with the interconnection, by Grupo Álava, of hardware from different suppliers and software use to solve a specific need. This is all done through the integration of different systems and subsystems, or via the development of extremely competitive individual solutions, aimed at a specific market needs niche.

New opportunities and business models. Industry 4.0 and its facilitating technologies not only allow us to explore new horizons and pursue new challenges, they also drive our teams towards developing new skills, in pursuit of top-quality ongoing training.  

The training and development on offer are not limited to scheduled, annual courses. Instead, we design bespoke sessions, so your team receives closer support, which our experts carefully tailor.

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From the word go, Grupo Álava has been an innovative, constantly growing company, with a firm commitment to diversifying products, solutions and services, to achieve a unique business model.  The group has undertaken over 350 projects outside our traditional market in Spain and Portugal, demonstrating excellent technical management and financial soundness capacities.  Our area of operation covers domestic and international markets. Exports account for over 20% of our turnover. 

This experience led Grupo Álava to launch its strategy in America, seeking to branch out into new markets with the group’s competitiveness and know-how