To bring our customers closer to technology and its use in industry, to make the world a more innovative, productive and competitive place. Our mission is to use technology to contribute to the development of society. Modern technology plays a role in everyone’s life. 

To be a technology partner constantly providing new solutions for our customers, always delivering the most cutting-edge technology on the market and building solid, long-lasting relationships based on success and trust. To improve and grow by implementing new strategies and processes using sophisticated technology.


To be a benchmark in equipment sales, advanced technology solutions and related services as part of a global ecosystem operating in several countries, with sustainable growth and development.

To carve out a niche in the market as a link between manufacturers, integrators and end users, for physical world data capture and generation technology. Therefore, by marketing and developing innovative technological solutions and related services, we maximise value for shareholders, employees and technology partners through profitable and sustained growth over time.


Commitment and Customer-driven: Customers’ needs and problems are our raison d’être. We are ahead of the curve. We offer the best tech solutions with the utmost professionalism, diligence and excellence. Commitment underpins our development by helping to establish lasting relationships based on mutual trust. 

Excellence: We are a solid, diversified business group, boasting a business model committed to maintaining its market leadership through hard-working personnel, with first class training and qualifications, in addition to our top-quality services and products. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of excellence in order to improve our own high standards and market parameters, to be unique and shine in generating marketplace value.  

Innovation: Our broad network of contacts, experience and capacity for innovation are key, as technologies emerge and become obsolete very quickly. Innovation is part of our DNA and plays a role in internal management. We search for new ways of doing things to add value and create experiences for our customers. 

Professionalism, Integrity and Ethics: We undergo ongoing training, and deploy our knowledge and skills in the correct fashion. We develop best practices to provide the maximum value possible for our shareholders, employees and customers. The Group’s resources are used responsibly. Furthermore, all our actions are undertaken with the utmost integrity and ethics, guiding our behaviour, decisions and all our relationships, both internally and externally.  

Equal opportunities: We believe people are our strongest asset. We seek to hold their beliefs and opinions in the highest regard, and to support their personal and professional development. All members of our team are given equal opportunities. 

Trust: We trust our employees and partners, respecting them as individuals and as members of our teams. We also promote their personal and professional skills. 

Hope: This underpins each value we hold dear, helping us to reach our full potential.