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Audio recording
and analysis  

The field of capturing, recording, storing and processing interactions, or audio, video or text analytics, is a constantly evolving and expanding market, no longer only necessary in critical infrastructure, but increasingly relevant throughout society.  

New tech and new uses mean we ask more questions about their potential scope, as well as the necessary moral debates. 
Our value proposal is based on the expertise, know-how and projects completed, which form the core of the solution offered:  

  • Highly qualified and certified professionals  
  • Well aware of these services’ criticality, so have top quality technical resources and excellent availability  
  • Market experience and technology application know-how in the most critical environments  
  • We work alongside tech leaders and have big-name international references
  • Unique, comprehensive proposal: consulting, installation services, maintenance, training, projects and progress for your technology platform  
  • ISO certification

 Whatever you need, we can help!