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Predictive & IOT

Predictive maintenance has played a role in our industry for 30 years. Companies investing in this technology have become more competitive. PdM helps to lengthen the useful life of assets, avoids production stoppages and reduces annual interventions. It also boosts product quality, prevents polluting emissions and spills, and enhances plant safety. Additionally, physical objects can be monitored via sensors and devices connected to the Internet. This enables better knowledge concerning processes, allowing optimisation and decision-making aimed at increasing productivity and business profitability. 

Smart Predictive Maintenance 

Smart predictive maintenance is one of the new frontiers being mapped out, where IoT’s potential is applied to predictive maintenance strategies.  Using new technologies such as IIoT platforms enables large volumes of data to be stored, and involves high analysis and processing capacity. This means we can manage all the data obtained through all the installed sensors in a real way, faster and more efficiently. 

These data can also be modelled or tested in different ways to identify problems, manage alarms, plan interventions and even predict what will happen to our assets based on real data. In this way, we can listen to our machines.  

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