In industrial automation, robotics and digital manufacturing, vision technology, and particularly computer vision are acquiring increasing importance due to their growing reliability, capacity and rapid ROI, where new production processes and the implementation of industry 4.0 are a modern reality

Globally, estimates place the computer vision market at over €15 billion by 2022, representing annual growth of over 8% since 2016. Similarly, virtual or augmented reality technologies are beginning to provide significant value and cost reduction. 

Innovating and updating processes based on computer vision is essential to continue at the forefront and to optimise industrial performance. Consequently, Álava Ingenieros can help establish the right technology to meet your needs and provide anything, from the simplest component to a complete solution, including software development. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of vision with us and we’ll find you the best solutions from our countless tech partners via the Álava Ingenieros website.